The Blue Sun Travel Company encourages citizens of the Alliance to explore the many amazing vistas that comprise our proud republic. Its a great, big Verse full of fabulous sights to see and exotic cultures to experience. Whether you partake of the ancient, noble tea ceremony at the Companion Guild House on Sihnon, behold the awesome canyons of glass and steel on Londinium, enjoy the many distractions of the Gateway District on Persephone, shed a tear for our fallen Alliance heroes at the Monument at Serenity Valley, or be among the first to experience the pure tranquility of Miranda, a multitude of planets full of unparalleled adventure awaits you.

And Blue Sun Travel is ready to take you there.

In an effort to help inspire future honored guests, Blue Sun Travel commissioned well-known ‘Verse artist and illustrator Adam Levermore-Rich to create several original art prints showcasing some of the many locations we can take you to. In the past you would have only seen prints of this quality adorning the walls of your local Blue Sun Travel office, or proudly displayed in high-traffic areas like Persephones Eavesdown Docks or along the bustling streets of Beaumonde. But now, thanks to our partnership with Blue Sun subsidiary, Quantum Mechanix Inc., you too can own a set of Blue Sun Travel Posters.

This officially licensed set contains 5 full-color, 17″ x 22″ prints on 100-pound, satin-finish paper, suitable for framing. Included are posters inviting you to travel to historic Serenity Valley, tranquil Miranda, exciting Persephone, beautiful Sihnon and inspiring Londinium.

At Blue Sun Travel, we bring The Verse to you.

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This all-inclusive boxed set recreates a moment from a fan-favorite episode, “Treehouse of Horror XIII.” The set features Dr. Hibbert, Comic Book Guy, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie in a side-splitting Simpsons-esque tableau — the family has been turned into animals in this parody of “The Island of Dr. Moreau.” Figures measure between 2″ and 5″.

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It’s the ultimate Iron Man statue! Given superhuman abilities due to his mother’s accidental exposure to a revolutionary liquid armor, Tony Stark was born with heightened senses and phenomenally powerful brain. Continuing his father’s studies in armor technology would later lead to the creation of Ultimate Iron Man and the Ultimates. Sculpted by Digger, this extremely impressive statue depicts the hero in his most iconic armor as he blasts toward his next battle. Limited to 2,500 pieces, the spectacular piece features a hand-numbered base with matching box and certificate of authenticity. Raise your collection to new heights with this essential Iron Man collectible!


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The sensational Spider-Man is locked in battle with his most dangerous enemies ever! He leaps from construction crane to bulldozer, slinging webs like never before. Meanwhile, New Goblin zooms through the sky on his sky stick, hurling pumpkin bombs, even as Venom and Sandman fight tooth and claw to be the first to land a punch on the web slinger! Fun five-pack of stylized Spider-Man characters includes Spider-Man, Sandman, Venom, New Goblin and an exclusive black chrome Spider-Man. Toys R Us Exclusive label.

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Possibly the greatest Dark Wizard of all time, Voldemort is extremely powerful, using his power to commit atrocities so horrible most witches and wizards are afraid to even speak his name. Voldemort lost his body when he failed to kill Harry Potter and his Avada Kedavra curse rebounded on him. Nearly fourteen years later, he regained a permanent physical form through a complex ritual including a lot of dark magic.

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Reactors dont run on charity and primary buffer panels aint free. That means you gotta take what jobs come your way, even the less-than-legal ones. One things for sure, though: You do the job, you get paid.

And making sure you get your cut has never been easier than with the Serenity Bank Heist money pack. Each pack contains 12 exact replicas of the Alliance scrip that Malcolm Reynolds and associates liberated on Lilac, created by Serenity Graphic Artist Geoffrey Mandel. All bills are printed on high rag-content parchment, and come wrapped in an Alliance belly band and stashed in a glossy black presentation box.

But wait, theres more! This pack also includes a map of the infamous Burnham Quadrant, home to Reaver space and where tranquil Miranda orbits. The map is taken directly from the movies digital reference files and printed on archival, glossy stock, and comes folded inside the presentation box.

The Bank Heist Money is based on the sold-out fan club edition Alliance Money Pack, which QMx has reissued in response to customer demand. This version is an open edition and does not include the Golden Ticket that was available in some packs in the original release.

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Feeling a little insecure? This precious little blanket-toter is here to help. Inspired by ‘syroco’ sculptures that were popular in the 1930s and 1940s, this adorable 5-inch statuette of Linus from the comic strip Peanuts is designed and manufactured in a style consistent with classic collectible figures. He’s hand numbered and comes packaged in a litho-printed tin box with a character information booklet and vintage-style pin-back button. Limited edition of 1,200 pieces. You’re probably feeling better already. Imagine how great it will be when you hold him in your hot little hand!

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A Diamond Select Release! Just in time for the upcoming return of Rocky Balboa comes these Rocky “Go the Distance” Boxing Gloves prop replicas! Exact reproductions of the on-screen props from this Oscar-winning film, these gloves are made from the finest leather and come ready to display in an attractive shadow box! Limited to 1,976 pieces (the year of Rocky’s release), these gloves also feature a Rocky logo name plaque and a hand-numbered box with Certificate of Authenticity.


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Holy classic statue, Batman! Modeled after products that were popular in the 1930s and 1940s, this beautiful statuette is designed in a manner consistent with classic collectible figures. It is hand numbered and comes packaged in a full-color, litho-printed tin box with a small character information booklet and a vintage-style pin-back button. It’s a limited edition of 2,000 pieces and would look great in your home or office! Measures 7 1/2-inches tall x 3-inches wide x 3 1/2-inches long.


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One of the publishing events of this or any other year is the re-presentation of a long-lost jewel, Roald Dahl’s Gremlins. Purchased by Disney in the 1940s, and only published once as a book, Dark Horse brought the book back in October and has also been creating new Gremlins stories. Are we excited? You bet!

But wait . . . that’s not all. Dark Horse, working closely with the creative talents at Disney Consumer Products and Gentle Giant Studios, has been crafting an ambitious program of toys, dolls, and other collectibles based on Gremlins.

This month, we offer you the Gremlin with Pipe statue–taken directly from the pages of the Gremlins book! Made of polyresin, this is the first Gremlins statue we have produced, but more will follow. No expense has been spared to create the most animated, detailed, and mischievous interpretation possible!


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Collectors, pay heed! Do you know the lyrics to ‘Lapti Nek’? Well, you can bet these guys do because that’s the song they played for Jabba the Hutt. This enthralling statue recreates that unforgettable scene from Return of the Jedi in painstaking detail. It features a 5 1/4-inch tall Max Rebo and 2 other members of The Palace Band: Droopy McCool (7-inches tall) and Sy Snootles (6 1/2-inches tall). Made of polyresin, this must-have sculpture includes a certificate of authenticity and is a limited edition of 2,500 pieces. You’ll be singing, too, with this in the middle of your collection! Collect both the Jabba’s Palace Band Statue, and Jabba the Hutt statue, and mail away for a free Bib Fortuna statue. (Details to be found in the box.)

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